Our Brands

We have our own 3d printer brands in jewelry and dental industries and also manufacture photopolymer resins for other 3d printers.


Novafab is our Jewelry 3d printing solution brand. We offer the fastest 3d printer manufacturing solution for the jewelry industry


PowerResins is our photopolymer resin brand. We manufacture various photopolymer resins in the dental and jewelry industries suitable for different 3d printers working with DLP, LCD or SLA technologies.


Dentafab is our dental brand that offers 3d printer solutions for dental laboratories, clinics and dental technicians.

History of 3BFAB

Started as a 5 people start-up company, we have created the largest 3D printer manufacturing and R&D center in Turkey in a very short time.

Who we are?

We focus on dental and jewelry industries by providing resin-based 3D Printers and specific castable and bio-compatible resins.