About Us

We are a fast growing company that manufactures 3d printers and photopolymer resin materials for jewelry and dental industries.

Research and Development Center

Our R&D facility is the largest 3d printer and photopolymer R&D center in Turkey and Middle-East. It is  accredited by the Turkish Industry and Technology ministry. We specialize in developing 3d printer technologies and UV photopolymer resins, especially for jewelry, dental and bio-medical applications.

Research on 3d printers:

In any of our 3d printer projects, we develop software, firmware, electronics, and hardware in order to achieve outstanding printing quality, fast printing, stability with high precision, easy-of-use but most importantly fit the purpose of application (jewelry, dental or bio-medical).

Research on UV-curable photopolymer resins:

We develop various resins for our 3d printers but also for other LCD, SLA or DLP 3d printers brands. Among various resins, we have developed the following:

  • Fast printing modeling resins,
  • Ash-free castable resins,
  • Biocompatible resins for dental application
  • Flexible and purpose specific resins.

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is located in Ümraniye, Istanbul, Turkey. We manufacture LCD and DLP 3d printers and various photopolymer resins. 

Each and every 3d printer is assembled at the highest precision and quality standards. Our engineers calibrate and test all our 3d printers not only using test jigs but also using real data from the jewelry and dental industries. 

We manufacture our resins using professional manufacturing tools and our chemical engineers follow quality standards, chemical and batch controls. We also apply industry specific tests such as casting tests or mechanical tests.